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Meet Sarah Melan, LMFT

Licenced Marriage and Family Therapist

Sarah Melan is a psychotherapist based in Los Angeles who specializes in working with women, couples and Highly Sensitive People. With years of experience, Sarah is guided by effective techniques, educated insight, and genuine curiosity. She works to protect and nurture her client's sensitivities, strengths and hopes for a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Sarah’s mission is to empower women in order to unlock their inner strength and better navigate personal and professional challenges. She also helps Highly Sensitive People better understand their trait, develop a self-care plan, and harness their superpower! Additionally, Sarah supports couples committed to the therapeutic process develop productive communication techniques and deeper empathy. She also works with individuals from diverse backgrounds and sexual orientations as they navigate cultural and societal challenges.


As an HSP herself, Sarah has empathy for those working to honor and protect their sensitivities while prospering and thriving in society. She strives to create a safe environment for individuals to explore, better understand and communicate their hopes and values. Sarah sees her role as a facilitator, a guide of conversations, a master of being curious.

Sarah Melan Therapy

Welcome to

Psychotherapy for Women, Couples, and Highly Sensitive People

Meet Sarah
Why therapy?

Why Therapy?

It can help with

Communication Issues

Therapy can help improve communication skills and build stronger relationships.


Therapy can help manage anxiety and provide coping strategies.


Therapy can help process and heal from past traumas.

Self Compassion

Therapy can help cultivate self-compassion, interrupt self criticism, and build confidence.

Life Transitions

Therapy can provide support during difficult life transitions.


Therapy can help identify underlying concerns that may be fueling depressive symptoms and provide behavioral strategies to better navigate life's challenges.

Credentials & Training


  • Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology

License, Memberships

Trained In

  • ACT  (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy)

  • EMDR​​

  • HSP-knowledgeable therapist listed on Dr. Elaine Aron's 



While it can feel scary to reach out for support, it is an incredibly brave and honorable step towards the life you value and deserve. 

Therapy supporting women: Develop assertiveness, process trauma,  cultivate self-compassion

Therapy for Women

Recognize your strength and resilience. Acknowledge and validate what you endure in this society. Take back your power. 

Sarah supports women as they process and heal from past trauma, while cultivating a strong, unwavering sense of self. She guides women as they develop assertiveness and boundary setting skills in order to create a life that is in-line with their wants, needs, and values. 

Learning to manage you sensitivity and cultivate your strength

Therapy for Highly Sensitive People

Learn what it means to be sensitive in a

not-so-sensitive society.

High sensitivity is a trait that affects 15 to 20% of the population. Individuals with this personality trait experience "an increased sensitivity of the central nervous system and a deeper cognitive processing of physical, social and emotional stimuli."(Boterberg, Sofie; Warreyn, Petra; 2016) Despite what you may have been told, you're not "too sensitive". On the contrary, this trait can be a real superpower if cultivated with care. Sarah help's HSP's develop a deeper understanding of themselves as well as provide tools for nurturing a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Couples Therapy, learn communication skills, develop empathy, clarify wants and needs

Therapy for Couples

Build understanding and empathy in your relationship in a protected space. Utilize the sounding board offered in therapy to work through life's challenges in a productive and compassionate manner.


Sarah helps couples dedicated to the therapeutic process develop effective and compassionate communication techniques to deepen and strengthen their bond.  


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